If you’re not blogging, you’re not really online yet…

Like it or not, blogs are taking over the online world. If you search the word ‘blog’ in Google, it returns over six billion sites. Sites like wordpress.com and blogspot.com that offer free platforms for anyone who wants to create a blog have only made these more prolific.

You might be thinking it’s not worth it, if you’re going to have to compete with over six billion other sites to be read, but blogs definitely have their place and form an important part of your web marketing strategy.

So, why blog? Not only is a blog an easy way to improve your search rankings, studies have shown that audiences like reading blogs; they find them a more credible brand experience than advertising and they help customers make a personal connection with your brand online. It’s mass communication, but with a more one on one illusion.

Blogs allow your brand to find its ‘voice’ online and are an effective way to communicate. Their interactive elements and solicitation of comments provide you with valuable two-way dialogue with your audience. A blog allows your brand to remain front of mind and keep engaging customers; readers can subscribe so they get notified by email each time you post a new entry.

But, where does anyone find the time, you may wonder? This is where a professional can prove valuable. Not only will they be able to advise you on the best frequency for posts, they can suggest interesting topics and after taking down a few ‘sound bites’ from you, will craft you well-written and effective content . Often they can manage the uploading of posts for you also! It’s simple really and is a small investment to ensure you’re not missing out on your slice of the popular ‘online reading’ pie.

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