Write an industry-leading book that will scale your impact.

Writing a book is a powerful way to reach more people with your ideas – but it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Great thinking too often fails to see the light of day. Going from an idea to a published book can be difficult without an understanding of how the process works, or a clear picture of where you’re headed.

On any great journey, you can go further with a guide. Be supported through the process of writing and leveraging your book, while ensuring your ideas are robust, your insights add value, and your argument brings something different to the conversation. That’s how you’ll create impact and lead with your thinking – as a published author.

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Introducing the Better Book Project

The Better Book Project teaches you how to write your book – and develop a plan to launch and leverage it for greatest impact – in just twelve months. In the Better Book Project, you will;

Is the Better Book Project right for me?

The Better Book Project is for purpose-driven experts who’ve always wanted to scale their impact with a book, but have never quite made it to the finish line. You might’ve started but gotten stuck, or had it on your ‘to-do’ list for ages without actually knowing how to start. Either way, you’ve got some great ideas but are struggling to get them out – and down!

From idea to book

The twelve-month Better Book Project is structured into seven key phases to take you from a writing wannabe to a fully-fledged author. 

1: Gaining clarity

2: Structuring your thinking

3: The work of writing

4: Building your community

5: Overcoming blocks

6: Optimising your content

7: Leveraging your book

What a book can do for you

The possibilities are endless but our clients have leveraged their books to:

  • Gain more paid speaking opportunities
  • Generate leads for more high end (and higher paying) work
  • Create new paid offerings based off the ideas and thinking in their book
  • Generate media coverage and greater awareness
  • Become podcast guests and get in front of new audiences
  • Grow their social media connections and followings
  • Gain entry into bigger clients who they may not have been able to access previously
  • Become known as thought leaders in their industry if they weren’t already

Better Book authors

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Your Better Book Project Guides

Transforming ideas into thought leadership, Intelligent Ink works with businesses and people who have something to say and the experience to back it up. We’ve been working in this space for over a decade, helping thought leaders and upcoming authors craft books that share their expertise, considered viewpoints, and inspiring stories. 

The Intelligent Ink team have helped create numerous industry-leading publications in recent years, including Beyond Burnout by Suzi McAlpine, How to Get to the Top of Google Search by Richard Conway, The Mindful Parent by Shirley Pastiroff, She’ll Be Right (Not!) by Daniel Watson, Adopting a Digital Workforce by Maurice Dubey and John Burns, and A Slight Detour by Jayne Chater.


You can join the programme at any time and work through the lessons and modules at your own pace. However, if you want to get your book out in 2023, you'll want to start now!

  • A comprehensive online course to guide you through the book-writing process
  • Twelve months of access to weekly coaching calls 
  • Access to an exclusive LinkedIn Group to bounce ideas around and get support from fellow participants
  • Two stages of editing throughout the project – one round of feedback after you’ve completed your first chapter and a full edit once your draft is complete

Before beginning the Better Book Project, you should have an idea of the book you want to write, as well as an understanding of why you want to write it and the impact that you are hoping to achieve. The rest you’ll figure out as we kick off the programme!

Ultimately that depends how quickly you want to write your book. We would suggest ensuring you’ve got at least 8-12 hours a week, which will include going through the programme, coaching calls, and writing time.

We’ve designed the Better Book Programme to write your book in twelve months, although you can move through the modules at your own pace and do it more quickly if you wish.

Although we’ll try and get you as close as possible to a completed manuscript in twelve months, we get it – sometimes life gets in the way! As part of the Better Book Project, you’ll have lifetime access to the online course and twelve months of group coaching calls. If you want to stay on the calls past your six months, you can do so for an additional $400/month.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to write, launch, and leverage your book – but if you’re worried that you don’t have the skills to get your book to the standard you’d like, our team of editors and book coaches can help with additional support.

We like to say that if you’re having these thoughts, you’re exactly the right kind of person to be writing a book. These kinds of questions and doubts indicate a level of self awareness that shows you’re already thinking critically about your potential audience and messaging. That being said, we complete some qualifying in our initial catch-up to help you establish what you want to say and whether or not you have the experience and original insights to contribute to the conversation on your topic.

Turn your book from a dream into a reality

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