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We are on a mission to help bring better thinking to the world. And we know that books are one of the most powerful tools to strengthen and spread new ideas.

Intelligent Ink Press was born out of a need for more accessible, value-driven publishing in the New Zealand market. Thought leadership books are, by nature, niche, boundary-pushing works – and these don’t always “fit” into the confines of traditional publishing. On the flip side, self-publishing can be an arduous journey for authors, especially when they’ve just climbed a mountain in finishing their manuscript. 

We decided to design a hybrid publishing house the way we wanted to see it – where authors were able to keep 90% of sales profits and stay involved in the creative development of their book. Where they got help and support in doing the things, could tap into trusted contacts and suppliers, and were freed up to stay focused on what they do best. It just made sense.

Transparent, impact-driven publishing, strategically positioned for the author’s thought leadership.

We only work with the highest quality materials, and we only work with authors committed to the long haul of a thought leadership journey. 

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Our works

A more authentic path for the reluctant thought leader

We’ve always assumed that only a confident, eager few have the power to truly influence others towards change.

What would happen if we amplified the ideas of the quiet and considered, the careful questioners and reflective thinkers? What if we unlocked the potential of all who care and want to contribute based on what they know and what they do?

We’re overdue for a broader, better definition of thought leadership – one that celebrates authenticity, welcomes different types of thinking, and allows you to influence without the ick. In Better, Christina Wedgwood challenges the dominance of the sage-on-the-stage archetype of thought leadership and influence, and invites the reader to reconsider who can be a thought leader – and how even the most reluctant among us can change the world for the better.

#WorkSchoolHours: A Revolution for Parents, Workplaces and the World Dr Ellen Joan Ford

It’s time to get work to work better for people. 

Right now, we are expected to work as though we don’t have kids and parent as though we don’t have jobs. 

It is not sustainable. It’s causing people to leave the workforce, or to sacrifice valuable family time – and simultaneously hurting organisations as retention and productivity take a nosedive.

#WorkSchoolHours offers us all a better framework – one that takes us far beyond how we structure our work schedules to deliver us better commercial outcomes for businesses, better careers for all working people, and better lives for everyone.

Building on decades of research and lived experiences, #WorkSchoolHours gives us practical insights and immediately-actionable solutions. 

Let’s reduce hours spent working, so we can connect more with what matters in life – and do it in a way that is commercially smart for organisations.

Better book cover

Release date: 11 July 2024

Release date: 22 March 2024