Things to think about with your website copy

Evaluating or editing your website copy is a good thing to do periodically, particularly after a re-brand or following any revisions to your strategic plan.

Here are a few pointers for things to look at and work on whether you are revisiting your web copy or doing a website for the first time.

Make sure it is keyword-rich

Firstly, you want to make sure your web copy is full of keywords that will help prospective clients find you on search engines. Be careful to avoid jargon, or industry-specific terms that you use internally. Put yourself in your prospective customers shoes and remember it’s unlikely they know you yet (or else they would visit your site directly) so consider what they might be looking for when you want them to find you for the first time. Another good thing to consider is suburbs that you specifically want to target. For example, if you’re a commercial cleaner, you could legitimately include some of the most concentrated industrial suburbs in your region.

Think about what you want the purpose of your website to be – its ultimate goal

This seems obvious, but what is the core thing that you want visitors to do as a result of viewing your website. Navigation should be easy for people to follow along your intended pathway and copy can be worded to take visitors on a journey. A strong call to action should also be included.

Check your tone

Make sure that the tone of your copy is not only consistent but in keeping with your brand and that it considers who you are speaking to and is appropriate for them. Whether you are coming across as ultra-professional, casual and friendly or with a personal touch, check this carries through everything you are saying on the site.

Consider the amount of content you have

Lots of people have really good information on their websites, but it can be just too much! People will only spend a limited time on your site and it’s unlikely they will read everything. If your website is text-heavy and being weighed down by it, but the content is all quality stuff, consider adding it to a blogging platform. Blogs are popular and improve your search rankings. Further to that though, visitors are in a ‘reading content’ frame of mind when they are visiting a blog, so will more likely absorb your quality, insightful content here.

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