So you want to be a thought leader?

Thought leadership is a way of using your knowledge, insights, and passion to drive conversations, change your industry, and build your reputation so that you become the first – and only – brand worth going to.

But thought leadership doesn’t happen overnight.

At Intelligent Ink, we know that successful thought leaders are in it for the long haul. Creating a clear roadmap, then delivering on it with consistency gives thought leaders the longevity they need. 

This is not about quick wins, or hacks – it’s about steadily evolving your thinking, building your reputation, and having an impact.

Let’s take a look at how we do that together:


Seeking Your Story

Seeking Your Story ensures you’ve got the tools to successfully transform your ideas into thought leadership.

During this process, we’ll get to the heart of what makes you unique – helping you develop your unique positioning and story, identify who you’re talking to, and how you want to come across so you can feel confident and consistent communicating across every channel.


Roadmapping Your Reputation

Thought leadership is built on more than just a few blog posts – it’s built on great ideas, robust thinking, and proven experience. But all those things together won’t get you anywhere unless you take a truly strategic approach to growing your thought leadership.


Roadmapping Your Reputation is designed to help you pinpoint your thought leadership strategy – then create an action plan for how you’re going to move from experienced expert to trusted authority.


Creating Your Content

To have a wider impact (and to build the authority you’re after), you have to be consistently and generously sharing your ideas with your audience. But if you’re not naturally a writer, or need support to get your content spot-on, that can be tricky. That’s where we come in.


We transform your ideas, stories, opinions, and knowledge into engaging content that connects you to your market and takes you from expert to trusted authority. Whether blogs, LinkedIn, white papers, reports, or books, we’re passionate about helping you create content that leads conversations.

Why Thought Leadership?

Your reputation is everything. It’s not just who you know, but who knows you, and the impact you have on them. And a fantastic way of building reputation is through thought leadership.

Thought leadership is a way of using your knowledge, insights and passions to drive conversations, change your industry, and build your reputation so that you become the first – and only – brand worth going to.

The Pillars of Thought Leadership

We believe that thought leadership is built on – shared through engaging and intelligent content.

At the heart of thought leadership is clear convictions. The passion. The drive. Why you’re here. What gets you out of bed in the morning. What about the world you’re here to change.


It takes more than passion to sway hearts and minds. Here’s where you show your working. Robust thinking proves your point, building your authority with the information and insights that count.


Thought leaders have something to say – and the experience to back it up. Experience shows you’re walking the walk. It’s proving your point every day. You’ve built your business – now what?


You can’t have thought leadership without leadership. So show others the way. Have a greater impact. Create meaning. Make connections. Tell your story – and in doing so, become known as the authority in your field.

To build authority, you have to lead conversations

But first, let's start one.