Q4 Associates
Known for: Revolutionising work in a positive way

The team at Q4 Associates (now part of EY New Zealand) had always known they wanted to build their thought leadership – and they had the expertise to make it happen. Challenging the status quo in the technology world and transforming the way their clients do business through the adoption of digital workforces, they possessed excellent thought leadership potential.  They just hadn’t tapped into it yet.


A strategic approach to thought leadership

Q4 Associates were revolutionising work, making it possible for people to focus on what really matters, and ensuring they are no longer blindsided by disruption.  They could see the future of meaningful work – not only believing that work could work better for people, but also delivering what was needed for it to do so.


We first ran the entire Q4 leadership team through our ‘Roadmapping Your Reputation’ workshop – establishing their brand story, position, pillars of expertise, and potential channels. Q4’s Executive Director, Maurice Dubey, recalls the workshop as a chance for the entire team to get a sense of cohesiveness, explore potential ideas, and deepen their thinking.


Making an impact

In our time working alongside Q4, their content has had a tangible impact and has provided value – helping organisations approach digital automation differently, arming them with the tools to get their teams involved and driving more sustainable, positive and far-reaching outcomes. “It’s rewarding to hear people say that our articles are triggering their own thinking, dialoguing and challenging the status quo. It shows that it’s stimulating more transformational thinking beyond our own team,” says Maurice.


Alongside thought leadership coaching and content support, Inker Christina helped Maurice and John Burns write ‘Adopting a Digital Workforce’ – a book to help leaders arrive at successful business transformation with happier people, which released in December 2020.


In addition to proactive thought leadership increasing Maurice’s and the Q4 team’s credibility on the market, the process of thinking and sharing new concepts, approaches and frameworks has also helped their business define better ways of working internally.  The ripples of revolutionising work are alive and well as a result!

Thought leadership has allowed us to get exposure out in the marketplace and build our
reputation. People have to view thought leadership as a win-win. We all give our thoughts in
order to receive a whole lot more back – that’s why we do it.


Thought leadership has forced us to be thinking more. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day
to day business, but thought leadership has allowed us to take a different lens when looking out
at our sector and industry. I’d like to see our thought leadership continue to get people thinking
– not necessarily just about IT, but really pushing for change in how all businesses can
fundamentally transform.