Baby Sleep Consultant
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One of our lovely partners first introduced us to Emma, Founder of Baby Sleep Consultant NZ, in late 2017 by gifting her one of our ‘Seeking Your Story’ facilitations. Throughout this workshop, it was clear that while Emma was doing a fantastic job of marketing communications across all her various channels, there were a lot of misconceptions that remained around what they did and acted as a barrier to engaging. Improvements could definitely be made to the way their story was being told.


Emma had used other ghostwriters in the past, but none had really ‘got it’.


“They were sending me work with spelling and grammatical errors in it, which didn’t instil much confidence,” shares Emma. “Their writing didn’t read well and was more like a robot wrote it. It also clearly showed that they didn’t understand what we did, so I never felt like they could actually help me in anyway or remove anything from my plate!”


This is where the upfront time investment that we make in the Seeking Your Story process pays off – by allowing us to really understand a business and its stories. (Emma says it even better in a recent review she shared about us – see below!) Throughout this process, we drilled down to Emma’s key messages – the primary things that she needed to be getting across – and then took a fresh look at what she really wanted to achieve with content.


Stories that have an impact

“Stories are an important part of our marketing because people don’t buy your product or service, they buy why you do it!” Emma enthuses. However, while compelling content is great, it’s not just about putting together some words that sound good – you ideally want it to have a measurable impact on your business. Through the ‘Seeking Your Story’ process, we defined Emma’s communications challenges and objectives before looking at the channels that we could help her harness to achieve those and authentically connect people to what she was doing.


Intelligent Ink worked first with some of Emma’s other digital marketing and web design and development partners to craft compelling content for a new version of the Baby Sleep Consultant NZ website; content that, once added to the upcoming website, will lead visitors through a specific and tailored user experience and ultimately lead to more conversions.


Consistent content is key

Having a great website is one thing but, for best results, you need new content to be added constantly to preserve your position in search results and give people a reason to keep coming back. Knowing there are countless examples of the positive impact that Baby Sleep Consultants’ offering has on the families with whom they work, Intelligent Ink are also now working alongside the Baby Sleep Consultants team to tell two incredible stories each month. Each month we talk to one consultant here in NZ, and one across the ditch, to discover an example of parents at the end of their tether who just need some support to get their kids sleeping soundly.


Incredible impacts

As well as being published on the Baby Sleep Consultants blog, the case studies are also being used across various other channels (such is the versatility of great content!) The first case study that we wrote was shared in a recent enewsletter and the impact it had was immediately felt. “Not long after the story was sent out, our inbox went ‘bang, bang, bang, with new bookings,” Emma shares. “It more than paid for what we invested in getting you to write it!” Not only that, Emma also confided that both open rates and click through rates were both up on this newsletter, as well as the number of resulting unsubscribes dropping.


Shares Emma, “Best copy writing I have experienced in over 5 years and trying 4 previous companies! They spend the time to understand you and your business and their voice sounds like yours, and they deliver amazing service. I would not hesitate to recommend their work to anyone.”


We’ve long known that stories have the power to move people to think, feel and act – but we love seeing tangible examples of this impact, and the achievement of such a positive return on investment! Contact us now to make sure that you’re telling stories in a way that establishes you as the authority in your field.