Known for: Taking organisations beyond ‘business as usual’

Sharing expertise in tough times

The Advisory.Works team is a dynamic group of business veterans – with each consultant full of ideas and experience across various industries. But their content just wasn’t getting that energy across, and they weren’t utilising their channels of communication effectively to reach the people they exist to serve.

After establishing the need for thought leadership to truly elevate their impact, a workshop with the Intelligent Ink team led to the development of a clear brand voice and position, as well as a jumping off point for diving into thought leadership. The workshop was an opportunity for the Advisory.Works team to unify and expand all their great thinking, and translate it into powerful content opportunities.


Reacting to COVID

2020 has been a pretty uncertain time for businesses (understatement of the century goes
to…). Being a boutique agency, which never looks after more than 50 clients at a time,
Advisory.Works knew they wanted to help more New Zealand businesses navigate the tough
times – but could only do so much through consulting alone.
“We felt that as advisors, we had to put our money where our mouth is,” says Logan
Wedgwood, Partner and Strategic Advisor at Advisory.Works. “We knew that it was the right
thing to give away the tools we’d normally charge for, to ensure that all New Zealand
businesses were prepared.”

Utilising Advisory.Works’ business knowledge and expertise, Intelligent Ink wrote four extensive
reports throughout lockdown, sharing how all New Zealand businesses can best prepare
themselves for an economic fallout. It was a true example of Advisory.Works seizing an
opportunity and noticing a gap of information that smaller businesses were missing out on –
they’d seen plenty of international content related to surviving the COVID-19 period, but none
specifically addressing the needs and concerns of New Zealand businesses.


Creating value for all

In providing this content for free, Advisory.Works was there for everyone – not just for clients
or prospects. The reports, shared extensively on LinkedIn, opened up conversations for
Advisory.Works, providing them with webinar opportunities, connections, new prospective
clients, and potential partnerships.

“People have been hit hard by COVID, and were so appreciative of our tools and ideas. We
were able to help out a lot more people than we’ve ever before,” says Logan. “The reports
really enabled us to be seen as the New Zealand leaders in the business response to COVID.”