Seeking your story – why use Intelligent Ink?

Intelligent Ink storytellers & content marketing experts

When you’re not witty wordsmiths or expert communicators, it can be hard to know where to start. And even if you know you need some support with content, it’s not always easy to know who the right people are for the job – or exactly what the job is!

That’s why we thought we’d give you a little insight into who we are, and what we love, so you can tell if we might be the sort of people that you like to work with. From there, the rest is easy, but it’s getting the right fit that’s important. After all, we’re after partners, not just clients, so we’re keen to be in it for the long haul.


We really love stories – and we’re really good at them

You’ve probably already gathered that writing is our jam, but it goes a bit deeper than that. While we can wield words that persuade, and words that inspire, what we really love are words that tell a story, because that’s what truly creates a connection.


We can talk how you talk

So often a business intuitively knows what makes them special and different, but this can be hard to get across externally. I mean, you have to really be there and feel it, don’t you? Not so! The other thing we’re really freakin’ good at is asking the right questions; we work hard from the outset to make sure we ‘get’ you, and then help you communicate in a way that ensures that others really get it too.

If you’re ticking a box with your content and just trying to get something up on a page, we may not be your gals. Not ones for a slap-dash solution, we’re just see too much possibility and opportunity for great content. Or as one of our husbands puts it: “Don’t handcuff us to the kitchen sink.”


We’re good at the big picture

There’s a reason for this. While for us it’s all about content – and we’re particular about how every piece of writing goes – we’re always considering it within the bigger context of your comms. Our wordsmithing ways are channel-agnostic, but one of the things that sets us apart is our ability to see and make commercial connections and consider how content can be used across all of your channels. Not only is this cost-effective common sense, it enables an integrated approach and a chance to drive a conversation with your market.

As such, we want to partner with people who are keen for some expert support, and love taking a collaborative approach to their communications. (You’re seeing again here why we’re not just words for hire now, aren’t you?)


We care – a lot!

There’s a reason that we’re so methodical, and strive for perfection in everything we write and, put simply, it’s because we care – a lot. And we’re not just saying that! We genuinely care about the people we work with and the companies and brands they work for. But don’t worry, it’s not all being “grammar-Nazis”. We make sure to strike the right balance with plenty of creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking in there too.


So that’s us – if you’re keen to partner with awesome writers who think about your business as a whole and how your communications can achieve greatness, then get in touch. We would love to help you take a leadership position to win in your competitive environment, by delivering valuable content and empowering you to control how you communicate and connect with your customers.