What I’ve learned in 2016 – Christina

Our fearless leader, Christina, discovered this year that starting a business has nothing on becoming a mum when it comes to life-changing events! While she’s been out of the office quite a bit more, she’s still been learning lots – and instead of telling other people’s stories, we’ve made her tell her own this time. Here are a few of the things she learned over the last year: 

I can do anything, but not everything

2016 saw me take on my most important role yet – that of becoming a mother. I thought I was prepared – I had the nursery set up and the bits I needed ready – but nothing could prepare me for the adjustment that followed.

As a perfectionist with excessively high expectations, the addition of this unpredictable little being to my life was a shock. From being someone who takes great pride in what she can achieve each day, I have had to get used to the fact that time is limited. I’m also learning that it’s pretty precious too! It’s not about ‘work life’ and ‘Mum life’ – it’s all just life. The latter half of this year has been spent creating my own unique brand of motherhood – one that suits our family and lifestyle, but also comes with the acceptance that not everything is going to get done today.

No power without passion

We all say that motherhood won’t change us, and then it happens and you wonder where the hell the old you went?! A part of emerging from the fog of the first few months is reconnecting with yourself again. And what have I learnt in doing this? I may have another little thing to love, but the other things I loved before are still there now. At the heart of that is writing. I’m still ridiculously excited to be a part of telling people’s untold stories and doing clever things with words towards a positive purpose.

What I’ve also learnt though is that there’s not enough time for the stuff you don’t love. Although I, myself, haven’t fundamentally changed, my sense of time has. I’ve learnt that it’s ok to be a bit choosy, and to say no to things that don’t light my fire. I’ve never been one who was any good at half-arsing things, but now the decision of what is worth it has taken on another dimension. As I navigate into 2017, I’ll be continuing to edit my life – keeping the positive, beautiful and worthwhile and moving away from the rest.

It takes a village

This saying is often thrown around when it comes to parenting but the same is also true when it comes to keeping a business running. I couldn’t have taken the time that I’ve been able to spend getting to know my tiny human – and still had somewhere to go back to – without Verity, my right hand. She’s done an exceptional job in keeping the train on the tracks this year, despite all the challenges that have been thrown at her.

Likewise, I couldn’t have managed with any semblance of my sanity intact if it weren’t for the support of my family and friends… A non-judgemental ear, a desperately needed cup of tea, taking Levi for a walk for me, or just gently reminding me to breathe and that the world is unlikely to end… It’s all made such a huge difference and I thank you all – you know who you are!


Here’s to a happy and successful 2017 – whatever that looks like for you!