What I’ve learned in 2016 – Verity

As the longest standing Inker (aside from Christina, obviously), Verity took on a new challenge this year as General Manager. It’s proven a pretty interesting (and busy!) year, so she put together a few learnings for all aspects of life:

Whoever said you should say yes to everything was a crazy person

I’ve always been bad at saying no to things – mostly because I get excited pretty easily, and once I’m excited about something it’s very difficult to think about not doing it. However, the first half of this year had me running Intelligent Ink, starting up another business with two friends (insert shout out to Honeypot Registry here), studying part-time, starting an alumni committee for the Glee Club I used to run and doing all the marketing for a new theatre company and the first show we put on. Plus of course socialising and spending time with family.

Just a little mental.

As the year went on, I realised that my sanity was at stake. It was relying on me to (at least) cut back on some things. And although I’m still doing rather a lot, I’ve gotten much better at saying no to things that don’t get me really passionate, or will take up too much of my time.

Things can always get more challenging – but problems are just learning opportunities in disguise

It’s been a tough year at times – every time I thought we finally had everything under control, something else would happen (often out of nowhere) and derail all our well-laid plans. I’ve learned to accept things as they happen (after a few venting sessions and probably the odd cry), but also know that whatever happens, I can always cope – especially with such an awesome group of family, friends and colleagues around me. I’d still much rather not have to deal with issues – but at least I’ve learned to look at them as awesome learning opportunities, and have figured out how to make the most of the challenges.

It’s the people that matter

2016’s been a pretty cool year when it comes to the people around me really – falling in love with an amazing man, welcoming some fantastic and hilarious people to the Intelligent Ink family (including a little Ink blot), meeting some awesome new clients, going on kick-ass trips away with friends, and enjoying family time – especially with my two year old nephew deciding that Les Miserables was his favourite music and proceeding to constantly sing Look Down wherever possible, despite it being completely inappropriate for a child. So proud.

When it comes down to it, what we do each day doesn’t really matter – it’s who we do it with that counts. 2016 has just re-confirmed that for me!

Finally, always dance like no-one’s watching

Seriously. Dancing like a crazy person is how I unexpectedly ended up at the American Music Awards. I don’t feel like I actually needed to learn this lesson, as I’ve always danced like a crazy person, but I felt I should share it with the world so that you, too, can enjoy the benefits of having no shame in 2017.