Known for: Making one-to-one knowledge and expertise accessible for all

More than just video technology

With Jane Qiu and James Behzadi at the helm, Kintell brings knowledge sharing into the 21st century. Their video software connects a community of skilled advisors with those who seek their knowledge. Kintell now has a thriving marketplace of independent advisors ready to share their wisdom and generate income with their expertise.


Thought leaders through and through, Kintell are fuelled by the spirit of curiosity and discovery – linking keen learners with the knowledge they crave. Intelligent Ink came aboard to bring their thought leadership to the forefront of their communication channels, positioning Kintell as so much more than just flexible video conferencing software with integrated payment technology.


Bringing Kintell to market

In 2020, Kintell sought our help to launch their service to market with powerful web and social content. Kintell is leading the charge with a new way to learn and we wanted to communicate this clearly to the market, demonstrating the unique expertise that sets them apart from other competing platforms.


With an entire community of Kintell advisors and learners already benefiting from the service, it seemed only natural to bring these user cases to light. In the early phases of our involvement, Inker Dave interviewed a series of Kintell advisors who were sharing their incredible expertise. From there, he wrote a host of articles on behalf of these advisors to be shared on the Kintell website, showcasing the knowledge already being shared on the platform. Intelligent Ink were thrilled to bring that impact to life, championing what sets Kintell apart from all the rest.


Impact for the long haul

With the tools to facilitate a knowledge-sharing ecosystem, it was clear that Kintell was gaining traction and generating incredible impact among their community of compelling industry experts. In the years since, their audience has expanded, now offering Kintell for businesses, schools, and universities – allowing organisations to connect with their people. Intelligent Ink were thrilled to come along for the ride and continue now to deliver on Kintell’s LinkedIn and social media content. We strive to reach a wider Kintell network of clients – advisors, learners, and the like, who are all inspired by Kintell’s curiosity to bring knowledge-sharing to new heights.