Donovan Group
Known for: Driving innovation, efficiency and sustainability for the Australasian construction industry

Leading new developments internationally

With over 60 years of industry experience, Donovan Group has developed a reputation as future-thinking innovators when it comes to improving construction processes. The Group brings together construction technology platforms with advanced manufacturing and efficient building products to offer better solutions for building professionals. 


Intelligent Ink developed thought-driven content across several Donovan brands – KiwiSpan, Coresteel Buildings NZ, DonoBrace, and MODNframe – to help uncover, communicate and leverage their innovative ideas through messaging and blogs.


Leading with content

When Intelligent Ink first came on board in March 2022, the Donovan team was focused on establishing clear messaging for their new tension bracing product, DonoBrace. Through a series of interviews and blogs, Intelligent Ink worked with the DonoBrace team to unearth the thinking behind the innovation – and find the words to effectively communicate the product’s benefits to the right audience.


Sarah Devlin, Marketing Manager for Donovan Group, says, “Previously we haven’t led our business with content. But the process of creating these blogs is changing our perspective as a business. Working through these topics, and having Intelligent Ink guide our content creation, has helped us understand our business and our customers better.”


Moving forward with clarity

“Starting this journey with Intelligent Ink has forced us to look inward more, to articulate our intentions, to open purposeful conversations. We’re learning more about what pieces of content best align with our customer value chain. It’s opened up a feedback loop, and we now have a much clearer picture of our audience’s intentions,” says Sarah.


A family-oriented Kiwi business with far-reaching ambitions, Donovan Group is expanding their services, ideas, and products across Australasia and North America. The company continues to work with Intelligent Ink to support a major international expansion of Donovan Group brands, and to solidify their place in the construction industry with clear, purpose-driven content.