Wrapping up 2017 – and looking ahead!

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As we wrap up the stories of 2017, the Inkers are feeling reflective… Here we take a look back (just for a moment) at what we learnt this year, as well as sharing what we’re most looking forward to over the holidays, and what we’re most excited for in 2018.

We hope you all have an amazing break, take a wee bit of time to reflect on the lessons – and enter 2018 with lots of great stuff on the horizon.

Verity Craft

What I’ve learnt this year: That just doing what we love seriously does make coming to work a hell of a lot more enjoyable! Since specialising just in content, rather than trying to do PR and basically anything else that people asked for, we’ve been able to consistently do awesome work, get great feedback, and spend our time actually doing what makes us happy. Even though there have been some tricky times with changing our whole business model around, I think it’s been totally worth it and will make Intelligent Ink stronger in the long run. And I guess both personally and professionally, I’ve learnt that saying no to things is healthy and good. Whether I will remember this next time a show that I want to do holds auditions, is another thing entirely though!

What I’m most looking forward to over the holidays: Playing with my new kitten! And spending time with my family – my nephew and niece are at pretty damn adorable ages right now, so Christmas will be fun with them.

What I’m most excited for in 2018: Finally getting our new business model up and running properly, with all our Inkers doing as much work as they would like, happy consistent clients, and a thriving Intelligent Ink!

Christina Wedgwood

What I’ve learnt this year: That you have to do what you love, but that it won’t always be easy. That most choices mean you sacrifice something, so choose carefully. That feeding your toddler rice (or sushi) means you will have it deal with it being stuck to the bottom of your feet for at least the next 24 hours. And that perspective is everything and life is what you make it.

What I’m most looking forward to over the holidays: More swimming and spending Levi’s nap-times reading, as opposed to catching up on work. I’m also looking forward to some relaxing time and headspace just to reflect.

What I’m most excited for in 2018: Newborn snuggles again and watching Levi become a big brother. I’m also really excited to keep co-designing Intelligent Ink to be the best it can be, for us and our clients, as we further strengthen our relationships with partners and grow the team!

Logan Wedgwood

What I’ve learnt this year: Mainly the power of a relentless focus on outcomes. Too often we just start our day without much forethought and then deal with what is thrown at us. I have become much more brutal as to what gets my attention. If I can’t see the relationship to an outcome, I don’t give it attention. On a personal front, I have learnt that I am woefully lacking in animal noise vocabulary; I am fine with challenging Levi to a “moo”ing or “baa”ing contest, but as soon as you bring giraffes, zebra and deer into the conversation, I start to feel like a terrible father with no ‘real world’ knowledge that is applicable to conversing with a toddler.

What I’m most looking forward to over the holidays: Mainly I am looking forward to some space to think and reflect without the noise of the day-to-day.

What I’m most excited for in 2018: I’m very excited about 2018, which is set to be a year of a lot of opportunity as well as a lot of challenges.

Christmas collage 2017

Bren Gray

What I’ve learnt this year: We have much, much more influence than we think. The people we see doing amazing things in the world on a daily basis are ordinary people, just like you and me. A position of genuine influence is just around the corner, and it’s ours for the taking!

What I’m most looking forward to over the holidays: Inhaling as much New Zealand food as possible. Leaving our beautiful country in February means leaving behind pies, L&P, Mum’s trifle, proper ice cream… All the essential elements of my life for the past 25 years.

What I’m most excited about in 2018: Learning 24/7. My wife and I are spending the first half of 2018 in France, and the second half in India—purely with the intention of soaking up as much learning, perspective and language as possible. The juxtaposition from being in the grind of Auckland working-life, to swanning around the south of France with my nose in a book is one that’s immensely appealing!

Tania Seward

What I’ve learnt this year: 2017 has been all about running for me – and the best runs are the ones where I’ve had to cajole myself out the front door or wanted to give up halfway through. Perseverance and sheer stubbornness always pay off!

What I’m most looking forward to over the holidays: Doing an epic 8-day hike into Ivory Lake Hut, which sits on the edge of a glacier in Westland – and meeting my nephew Harley for the first time on Christmas Eve.

What I’m most excited for in 2018: Spending more time with the Intelligent Ink crew and building relationships with some of our long-term clients, and training for the 2018 Routeburn Classic – a 33km mountain run along the Routeburn Track in April.

Jennifer Johnsen

What I’ve learnt this year: That things have an amazing way of finding you at just the right time in your life. Also, that Victorian cast iron fireplaces are heavy.

What I’m most looking forward to over the holidays: I’m most looking forward to renovating the new house we just bought. We’ve found some real bargains on eBay which should help with the renovations. Last week we bought a Victorian cast iron fireplace (hence the learning above!) that’s decorated with ornate period tiles down the sides, along with a matching antique mantelpiece – all for only $100!

What I’m most excited for in 2018: Pretending to be a barista and making lots of trim lattes (or ‘skinny’ as they say here in Australia), with the fancy new coffee machine that I’m getting for Christmas.

Emily Woodward

What I’ve learnt this year: If you love something, just do it, and opportunities will come your way. 2017 was the first year of my creative writing blog and the last year of my university studies (BA in English and Media Studies). It was the blog that got me my first freelance writing work, which helped me discover a whole new world of writing work that I didn’t know about. I looked further into content writing as a career and attended a careers event at University about working as a freelancer – which is how I got my internship here at Intelligent Ink!

What I’m most looking forward to over the holidays: Relaxing at Waihi Beach – and going to the Bryan Adams concert!

 What I’m most excited for in 2018: My first full-time job! I hope next year continue to be another great year of learning, growth, and opportunities!