What I’ve learnt in 2015 – Christina


2015’s been an exciting year for the Intelligent Ink team, and we’ve all learnt a lot along the way. In this end of year series, each Inker takes a look at what they’ve learnt and how that’s impacted on their lives – you might call it a peek inside the minds of the Inkers. Here’s to another year of learnings and laughter – see you in 2016!


Christina Wedgwood

Ditch the tassels

Wearing fringes or tassels is actually really annoying. I discovered recently that you may think that you look glamourous, but actually you get caught on all sorts of things that you used to be able to breeze right past with no worries.


Weekends are sacred

It’s much better to pull long hours during the week, if needed, and keep the weekend free for being work-free. Articles have been saying it for ages, but my own personal experiments at different times of this year have really reinforced the value of this. I end up with a more positive outlook and attitude on Monday morning when I have taken some time to detune.


It’s all about people

Another thing I’ve learnt is about how vital it is to have the right people in the team. This seems like a no-brainer too, but it makes such an incredible difference to the vibe around the place, and the amount that we’re able to achieve when we have people who all align to our values, care about each other and the work we do, and are all excited and passionate about working to their strengths.