Logan Wedgwood

Owner & 'Go to guy'

My version of better sees businesses able to have two way conversations with those they serve.

‘Listen first to understand, not to respond’ may not sound like your typical business advice, but it’s one of the core tenets I live by. It’s also why I wholeheartedly believe in the work that Intelligent Ink does. Reading between the lines, understanding what’s not being said and asking great questions that coax out people’s passion and purpose is what this team do every day.

The other thing we do exceptionally is make connections – not only with ideas and with audiences, but with other people and the value they’re bringing. It’s in this aspect specifically that I excel, having built extensive and reciprocal networks that support businesses to thrive. The other roles I play for Intelligent Ink are that of advisor and sounding board, bringing a healthy dose of challenge, energy and perspective to support them in developing their own thinking and ideas and the way this gets delivered to those we’re here to serve.

There from the beginning (or even before), I’ve backed what Intelligent Ink brings since the start and through every step of their journey. I believe everyone should have a voice and that businesses should be using their voice to have more productive conversations with their market; that’s what Intelligent Ink facilitates and unlocks. And that’s why I continue to stay involved.

Areas of Expertise

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Coaching and ideas development
  • Relationships and connections

Some of the things I’m most proud of include:

  • Writing a practical sales-focused book, Grow 3x
  • Completing an MBA with Distinction
  • Building an extensive network built on trust
  • Having a demonstrable impact on great businesses