Dave Taylor

Strategic Thinker & Storyteller

My version of better sees inspiring and inspired conversations take centre stage.

Look back to some of my earliest primary school notebooks and you’ll see proudly that “one day I’m going to be a writer.”

It’s been a long journey to get here, though. After studying science throughout most of my childhood, and getting half-way through a materials and processing engineering degree, I realised that I could better express myself with words than mathematics. Even after I made the leap to studying English and creative writing – and later completing a first-class MA – my strengths resoundingly followed the same path: drilling down into the details, asking ‘why’, and creating and finding solutions. The medium is all that’s changed.

I’ve become known as the ‘gets it’ guy thanks to my knack for quickly finding that something special at the centre of my clients’ ways of doing and thinking. Take that, and use it to drive forward their ideas and brand, and you’ve got what it means to be understood. That’s what I do best.

A fast typer and a slow thinker who’s fond of language and a good play on words, I’ve found my home with Intelligent Ink and the incredible team who are understanding, salvaging and navigating the world. Real hearts beat behind the writing on the page, driven by a demand to raise the bar for what conscious content should be. It’s a real privilege to talk to people and see their faces light up when they share something they’re passionate about. I then get to take their stories and share them with the world – and that’s why I’m proud to be part of what we do here at Intelligent Ink.



Areas of Expertise

  • Editing and proofreading
  • Publishing
  • Research and investigation
  • Ghostwriting
  • Content writing
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Food studies (I make a pretty mean lemon tart)

Some of the things I’m most proud of include:

  • Joining the Intelligent Ink team
  • Completing my first-class thesis on my twin passions of food and literature
  • Leading the charge with Mayhem Literary Journal
  • Switching it up from engineering to English - talk about both halves of the brain!