Ellie Mynett-Johnson

Content Writer

My version of better sees deserving stories getting the chance to be heard amongst all of the world’s busyness.

I’m not a musician or artist, but for me, writing is the one expressive outlet I’ve had since I was very young. For some reason, it always clicked in my brain (unlike those pesky maths and sciences!).

While I originally dreamt of being an author, I came to realise that my interests (and attention span) were better suited to a job in which no day is exactly the same. That’s why I’m stoked to find myself at Intelligent Ink, where I get to work with incredible people and have a lot of different impacts in different ways.

In reading, and in writing, I’m drawn to strong characters – for me, it’s all about the people.

Intelligent Ink means listening to a lot of stories, interviewing people from varied walks of life, and learning about things I never thought I would. Any person or perspective has some kind of value, which is why I love doing people’s tales justice. When we’re writing, it’s a privilege to learn and share a person’s story – so you can’t half arse it!

In my role as a content writer, there’s nothing I love more than transforming big ideas into pieces of writing that have meaning and create an impact. I’m often described as the ‘information sponge’ – quietly absorbing information only to bring it up again later! Whatever I’m doing in a day’s work though, I’m enjoying the opportunity to dip my toes in plenty of different projects and to build on the skills I’m learning alongside my Public Relations and Marketing studies at AUT. While I’m still slowly learning the tricks of the trade, I’m loving the chance to share some great stories and make a positive impact with Intelligent Ink.


Areas of Expertise

  • Content writing
  • Leveraging content
  • Content strategy

Some of the things I’m most proud of include:

  • Landing a job in my industry while studying
  • Telling some awesome stories – and reading some lovely responses to them
  • Shaking the ‘intern’ title to become a fully-fledged Inker
  • Getting through my degree with minimal “I’m gonna drop out” moments